As well as your instrument, here are a few things that will greatly increase your chances of success.

  • Metronome – The single most important piece of equipment that will will help you with your timing and general feel for music. Metronomes are widely available for free in software and apps.
  • Tuner – It is important to use your tuner regularly to develop a good ear and also make a pleasant sound from your instrument. Tuners are widely available for free as a mobile app.
  • Spare Sticks or Strings – Always have a spare set of sticks or strings to ensure uninterrupted practise should you break one. Worn strings break easily so consider regular string changes.
  • Music Stand – Ever tried balancing a music book to read while you are practising? A music stand is a simple solution and can be adjusted to a convenient height!
  • Time – Before starting a musical instrument it is good to have a goal of what you’d like to get from it, but also consider the time that this will take and whether you can dedicate time from your normal routine.