Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked question by potential customers. This may help with your enquiry. If there is a question you have that is not on here you would like me to answer, feel free to get in contact with me! This is merely a guide, and for the most part based on my opinions.

For full prices, please see the Lesson Pricing page here.

I offer a deal for people who wish to purchase a number of lessons in advance. Please see Lesson Pricing for current cost here.

No. I do my tuition from my studio in Wakefield. I also do online lessons too, which may be an option.

Ideally yes as you will need an instrument to practise at home. For my lessons, Drum kit is provided at the studio, and I can loan a guitar if you are stuck. Amplifiers, leads and music stands are provided. For hygiene reasons, if you require the use of headphones, you will need to bring your own. For health and hygeine reasons, you must have your own saxophone and mouthpiece.

No. I don’t run a shop. For my customers however, I will post an item for sale on their behalf on my social media feeds with suitable photos, if they wish. You are also welcome to put a pin note up in the studio for others to see.

You are not required to be able to read music, and will not be forced to learn. Some instruments (drums and saxophone) would greatly benefit from learning by written music, especially if you are planning to play in an orchestral setting.

We will arrange a mutually convenient time for our sessions. I do not operate a drop-in service for lessons.

As a general guide I say high school age and above for private tuition (9 and older), however I have had students as young as 6 in the past! Younger children may benefit and be more comfortable having a familiar adult present during thier lessons.

It depends! There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some people will have more time on their hands to dedicate. This simple equation is very true however, Time In = Better Results. It really depends on how much you can put in, what you want to get out of it, and ultimately how you define your own success!

In most cases a change in approach is all that is needed if they are passionate about their instrument, but are reluctant to pick it up in between lessons. If they are not really interested in playing an instrument, it is highly likely I will have picked up on this and discussed it with you already. With children, I would advise against brokering deals to practise (ie. if you practise you can have a McDonalds) as this isn’t really a long term solution. Sometimes a simple compliment about their progress while at home, or encouraging them to play a few songs, is better than “making them practise”.

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