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Music Theory

Theory at WMT

Theory is the nuts, bolts and building blocks of music. Music can certainly exist without any theory knowledge, but can be greatly enhanced with just a small amount of understanding. And it doesn’t need to be all stuffy, chalkboards and boring.


My clients for Music Theory lessons have ranged from those who simply want to know a bit more about the notes they are playing and why those notes work together, to wanting to improve their improvisation by learning how to use notes more effectively, to those who are required to take theory exams as part of their instrumental exam.


It doesn’t matter if I play the instrument you do or not! Music Theory is something that can be transfered to any instrument! I’ve had pianists and trombone players take their theory with me – and i’m no pianist or brass player!


For my instrumental students, theory will play some part in their lessons, as a matter of course.