Person playing Saxophone


"Don't play the saxophone, let it play you..."

attributed to Charlie Parker

Looking to get started on that shiny, new piece of metal you’ve just got? I can help you from the ground up on how to set the saxophone up, proper breathing, embouchure. We’ll cover chords and scales, how to improvise, vibrato and all the things you will need to become a musical, expressive player.


It would be wrong for me to say you’ll be up and running “in no time”. Saxophone is not an instant results instrument, in the way a drum kit can be for example. It will take some time, patience and a lot of squealing and squawking noises before it starts to become musical. This is where a lot of people simply give up on it. But i’m here to guide you through that with structured exercises and plans!


My saxophone tuition can be for alto, tenor or baritone sax. You will however need your own instrument and mouthpiece, for health and hygiene reasons.