Drum Lessons

"It'll be a nice shed when it's finished..."


Drums, the backbone of any band! Whether you want to learn for your own enjoyment, or take it further (playing in bands, graded exams), I have a lot to offer.


With me, you will improve on your timing, fluency and feel for the drums. You’ll be putting better fills together, and playing drums will feel much more natural and less clunky!


My own experience of drumming has had me play in such a wide range of bands; jazz, rock, prog, disco, funk, metal. With over 20 years of live playing experience, I can pass this experience onto you to improve your playing!


For more advanced students, I can offer different ways of thinking and approaches to the instrument; things I have learnt myself from studying other drummers styles. My customer base has seen very advanced drummers come to me, who have passed all their exams, but need some direction and inspiration.


We will learn the nut and bolts of music; the notes, the rests, subdividing, working with clicks, reading lead sheets, putting your own fills together, and much more! And as a multi-instrumentalist I can accompany you while you play for a much more realistic experience!