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About WMT


Serious about music? Look no further!

Learn to play…. the right way!

Learning a musical instrument can be an extremely rewarding process, and I can help!

Maybe you are looking for music lessons for yourself, or your child? You’d like to take an instrument up in later life? You’d like to be the next Eric Clapton? The reasons are as many as the people who take lessons from me. Some take music to high levels; universities and big gigs. Others merely want to do something to keep their hands and feet working when they reach an older age!

Who Am I?

I am an experienced musician and private music teacher from Wakefield. Music is my full time job; I have been teaching and playing live full time since 2003, with hundreds of customers and performing and recorded with numerous bands both as a regular member and as a session musician.

I offer Electric Guitar lessons, Drum Kit lessons, Saxophone lessons and Music Theory. The lessons can be for exam preparation, assistance with school work, college work, D of E award, or simply as a hobby or past-time.

The Lessons

My lessons are designed around modern, non-classical music styles; rock, pop, metal, jazz and blues.

Assistance with Improvising, Ear Training and Sight Reading is also offered, and anyone who has lessons can also benefit from ongoing support via email.

Beginner to Advanced Levels

Whether you are a beginner, or at an advanced level, you can learn all the skills you need, in a relaxed, friendly environment. I have a dedicated tuition studio in Wakefield, with a wide range of equipment and resources to use. You can also hold your lessons online by Skype!


You may even be able to book me to teach your child at their  school. I am always seeking to expand my portfolio of schools to conduct my peripatetic lessons and welcome new enquiries for both primary schools, high schools and further education.

Where do you teach?

I teach in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which is on the route for many towns and cities such as Leeds, Horbury, Ossett, Dewsbury, Pontefract, Normanton and Castleford, and the teaching studio is moments away from the bus and train stations.

You can also take lessons online through Skype, so you can have your lesson wherever you are in the world!

Thank You

Thank you for visiting Wakefield Music Tuition and reading what I have to offer.

It is my hope that this website outlines what I can offer you as a tutor for your instrument, current tuition rates and contact details. The information on this site is fairly comprehensive, however if you would like more information about something that doesn’t seem to be on here feel free to get in contact. I also have a FAQ section, which may answer questions you have.