Guitar Neck

Guitar Lessons

"I got my first real six string..."

Bryan Adams

From your first chords and notes, upto widdly solos; i’m here to assist! I’m an experienced guitarist with plenty of tips and help for beginners upto advanced levels. My customer base has seen beginners, upto very proficient players seeking my advice.


My fortes for guitar span from blues and jazz, through rock and pop, all the way through to metal and flash solos. Those flash solos are possible for anyone – with the correct guidance, it can be a whole lot quicker!


There’ll be no learning scales to just run up and down – i’ll show you right from the start how you can use them to improvise. I’ll show you how to turn chords into your own songs. I’ll provide exercises to improve your dexterity and stamina. All routines that I have followed myself for many years.


Whether you are looking to play a few songs at the family BBQ every now and then, or whether you already have an incredible amount of experience, there is something I can offer!